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Outstanding Halal Food and Sea Food

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Our Darda Seafood Restaurant mainly deliver traditional Chinese halal food and seafood; with unique traditional delicacy featuring Northwest China. 

Our food and characteristics is made and improved according to the local tastes and feedbacks from all customers, to meet the standards and requirements from our customers, all of our dishes are purely handmade from natural ingredients without any additives.  Traditional Halal Style dishes, Excellent Seafood dishes, all many delicious and memorable dishes for you to choose from.

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11AM–2:30PM, 5–8PM
11AM–2:30PM, 5–8PM
11AM–2:30PM, 5–8PM
11AM–2:30PM, 5–8PM
11AM–2:30PM, 5–8PM
11AM–2:30PM, 5–8PM
11AM–2:30PM, 5–8PM

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All orders are manually confirmed by us in real-time. Watch on-screen when your food is ready for pickup.